What Would You Do With Your Life If You Had a Year To Live?

It’s an interesting question. Most of us haven’t considered it because we don’t really know how much time we have left, and those that do have usually received the news from medical professionals. What makes the question really interesting is that one day, the question will be true – except you may not even know it. So what would you do?

You might remember Crazy John Ilhan, who at age 43, with a reported net worth of $300 million, dropped dead while walking on the beach early one morning. He had recently stopped smoking and taken up exercise. His wife and family were not even aware that John had a health issue until the police showed up at the family home bearing the news. Life is short.

In terms of the human race existing on our planet, relatively speaking, our average 80 year lives, equate to about one half of one second on a twenty-four hour clock. So you exist for really just a tiny fraction – an instant in universal terms. Yet most of us waste much of our lives.

Right now I am reasonably certain that you are doing not what you want to do, but what you have to do. You have to go to work to a job you may or may not enjoy, to pay the bills for things you may or may not really want or appreciate, but need to survive. By the time you are able to do what you want to do, most of yo
ur life will be done. And you may not be healthy enough to enjoy all the things you always wanted to do. So why not do what you want to do now? Instead of doing what you have to do?

To be able to do what you want to do – now – requires an income separate from your job, so you don’t have to work if you choose not to. That income will need to be from either a profitable business you own or investments that pay rents or dividends to you. Many people have businesses that barely pay them or investments that require them to top up every month. If you have either of these, something needs to change so that you can do what you want to do instead of what you have to do.

For myself, it has been a relatively simple exercise to reconnect with what I love and what I am particularly good at – that’s property development. Seeing a site, creating the finished homes in my mind, running the numbers and then negotiating a deal. This allows me the freedom to do what I want to do

Life is short. Relatively speaking you have just one half of one second on a twenty four hour clock to live your life. Are you going to spend it doing what you want to do, or doing what you have to do?

Dream large.

Craig Turnbull