What will your life be like in 2014…and beyond?

It’s been a while now since I’ve connected with you, mainly because I have been very focused on creating several new really exciting property developments, which I personally have underway.

I’ve also been quietly working on my new book (my 5th!) and preparing to launch my new investment company, Hillsfar

I’ve been watching property markets around the country, with interest – and it seems most of them are heading just one way – up. As you know, over the years, I have done my share of property education, willing to share knowledge with those who wanted it and were willing to act. And after 30 years of successful real estate investing, here is what I am certain of – there are NO secrets in property. Everything you want to know can be found in a book, a course or online.

What you want in 2014, is not secrets, but truths. So if you are interested in truth and inspiration, then read on.

These inspirational truths are what I intend to be sharing with you in the future if you want to come along for the journey.

I’m exploring the intersection of property and personal empowerment, which means that I see my new role as not so much recommending where to buy next, but inspiring you to take action in your life to reach the lifestyle that you choose, using property as an investment vehicle.

My personal “Why” is – to build beautiful, affordable homes in sustainable, connected communities.

We are already eight weeks into 2014, which is looking absolutely brilliant, as are the following few years for really growing a portfolio, hitting some investment goals and designing a fabulous life.

So, what will I be doing in 2014?

  • Completing a capital raise that pays a guaranteed return of 25% p.a. You can participate here.
  • Writing a new personal website & blog. There is so much to share with you.
  • Launching a very exciting new positive-cashflow project on April 2nd (mark this date in your calendar)!
  • Launching a new book in June – it’s about the next generation of investing in property.
  • Continue to work on bringing Southbank Estate in Southern River W.A to subdivision stage.
  • Launching a new company with an amazing investment concept in June.
  • Continue securing new development sites on both the East and West coast of Australia. Some sites with a huge focus on positive cashflow.
  • Sharing truths and insights with you on a range of subjects – all with the aim of you having the amazing life you want.
  • Spending more time with my family – my beautiful wife, my new baby son and my older boys.


What I won’t be doing in 2014 and beyond:

  • craig-familyGiving you hints and tips on which hot suburbs will be the best places to buy. There are plenty of claimed experts in this area but frankly it’s not so hard for you to determine for yourself, via Google.
  • Telling you how to renovate your kitchen. Again, you can learn how to do this via YouTube.
  • Promising to show you the secrets of property investing – remember there are none.
  • Helping you to get rich quick. There are many ‘spruikers’ out there who are promising to giving you the magic silver-bullet, and that has never been my game.

I really hope to spend some time with you and other like-minded people in the years ahead as we go about designing the lives that we want. You can have all you want, if you are clear on what that is.

It’s going to be a fun, exciting and challenging journey.

Join us, as we inspire you to make your dreams come true.


Craig Turnbull

CEO, Hillsfar Property Group