The Secret to Wealth Is Gratitude

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Robbins at one of his events some years ago. An incredible individual who for decades has offered Presidents, CEO’s, the world’s best sports people and of course people like you and me – inspiration and thought process to enable us to design and create the best life we can have.


Of all of his lessons that I have absorbed over the years, the one that stands out for me the most is this. He told me when I asked that:-

“the secret to wealth is gratitude.”

Demands on his time did not allow much of an expansion on the statement right there at the event, however I have thought, read and contemplated much on it over the years.

Among all of the white noise, disturbing news and events going on in the world, this simple maxim could change so much. If everyone could be grateful and happy with what they had, there would be far less crime, violence and wars.

Do you know anyone who is fortunate enough to have a lot of money but is still desperately unhappy, angry or sad all the time? In cases like this money hasn’t helped the quality of life of that person. They simply can’t be happy with what they have, wanting more, comparing themselves to others who have more and perhaps even looking down at those who have less.

I’m not saying that all people who have money are unhappy, though perhaps if they are unhappy they just haven’t realized how fortunate they are and taken the time to be grateful and appreciative for what they have. Many people who have financial wealth have achieved a holistic balance in their lives and are completely centred and happy with their lives.

I don’t think wealth is about money.

You can have a billion dollars and be angry at the world or you could have next to nothing and be grateful for that. The person who is grateful is the wealthier of the two, since that person can appreciate and be thankful for what they have.

There will always be someone with more or less than you. I suggest that you don’t think too much about other people’s wealth and focus on your own journey. You have all the power within you to create your own financial freedom – whatever that means to you.

If you simply find three things each day to be grateful for, you will find a significant difference in your thinking and that will flow in to what happens in your life. Because you are now looking at the world differently, you will make better decisions. And you will consistently do the things needed to keep you on your path.

My three things to be grateful for today:-

  1. I woke up – which means I am alive, which is great at aged 53. I have the opportunity to go out and change the world.
  2. My wife Michelle – she is the most wondrous person to be with.
  3. I can see – though without my glasses I would find it difficult to write to you! And being able to see means I can enjoy the incredible sights the world has to offer me.

Tomorrow I will have three more things to be grateful for.

What are your three for today?

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