Successful people are those that make the best choices

I am assuming if you are reading this that you are someone who knows that there is more to life than the blind existence that most people live – what I call the “rat corridor of life”. Getting up in the morning after being rudely awakened by an annoying alarm, hugging the spouse and yelling at the kids before racing off to work in the car to crawl along the freeway to a job you hate, with people you don’t really like, praying for five o’clock to arrive so you can inch back down the freeway at fifteen kilometres per hour to collapse on the couch in front of the tube, only to wake up in the morning and do it all over.

Maybe you are smiling now at the thought of this, maybe you are feeling a little uncomfortable or maybe you are even horrified, recognising elements of your own life. Well the good news is that you can change any part of your life at any time you choose. You design your life. You set the alarm. You choose your partner. You decide whether or not to have a family. You choose what kind of car you drive – or even whether to get the bus or the train. You accept or reject the job offer and you always retain the power to leave a job you don’t like. You elect what kind of TV to buy and you are also in charge of the remote, so you decide what kind of information gets fed into your brain.

Every day you make choices that will affect your life. Your success will depend on the cumulative effect of all of the decisions you make, meaning that success or failure usually won’t happen overnight. It will be the result of a series of choices you make and actions you take. They will add up over time to give you a result that you either are happy with or not. You can make a living or design a life – your choice. Whatever happens in your life, ultimately the responsibility is yours. You might be tempted to fall back on some of the old reasons or excuses for not achieving financial success like “I don’t earn enough” or “I haven’t got any money” or “my credit is awful” or “the economy is going bad” or “I’ll just wait until the real estate market comes down.” There are so many ways to talk yourself out of a fortune. You only need one reason to succeed – and that is your own.

Your “why?” That is the thing that will get you up early and keep you up late. The goal, the desire, the dream – something that really excites you and gives you something to aim for. Yet, without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value. It is completely possible to desire something though take no action toward it because there is no imperative – or timeline by which you will be, do or have your desire. You know the old saying “one day I’ll………” whatever it is. Though deep down you know that one day never comes and all you are expressing is a wish. And unless you have fairy godmother or keep a leprechaun in your back garden, your wishes are not likely to come true.

Successful people all have well defined goals and dreams. They have a crystal clear view of what their lives will be like and hold this view as if it were already real.

Next week I am going to share with you the top ten things you can do to be successful in your life. It will surprise you how easy it really is. In the meantime, successful people all need a steady incoming cashflow – check details for the special event below.

Dream Large.

Craig Turnbull

CEO, Hillsfar