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Here are the questions we cover.

1.    7 years ago we bought in Wembley Downs on development block (1200m2) For this exercise we borrowed almost $600,000.00, what was not a consideration for us at the time as we were having reasonable cash flow. Shortly after we experienced health issues that lasted for a year, increasing our cost of living and reducing income. This ended up sadly with loss of one of two family member and reducing income to $0. Currently I am under financial pressure, as I can’t borrow money for development……I am emotionally fragmented, and my mind I feel doesn’t function objectively. What would be your best advice?

2.    I’ve achieved success in both business and investments by investing in knowledge and attending training events, but my wife has no interest in attending training events on wealth creation. What advice do you have to help get my wife on-board and attend these events?

3.    My son is looking into buying his first property. He doesn’t have a huge deposit and is looking at building to take advantage of first home buyers. There are so many areas to choose from how do you narrow it down, he is considering lakelands estate down at Mandurah? What should be the main considerations when choosing a suburb?

And several more really interesting questions.

Feel free to Email with any questions you want answered on the show. The questions can be about anything to do with life, freedom, property investing, finance, planning, goal-setting, inspiration – whatever you want to know that will help you along on your journey.

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