Radio Wealth Podcast Episode 10

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We have a truly compelling show for you this week, with some intriguing questions, that cover far-reaching investing issues. Some of the questions we are covering include:-

1.    How long after I have bought my first home should I start looking at having an investment property? What are the main things I should look for when buying an investment property? Are there any rules or guidelines that I should follow so that I see a return on my investment?
2.    I have two properties already both freehold. Want to get a 3rd one so need education. What are the pros and cons of buying property with body corporate vs stand alone house?
3.    We have four properties two in Kalgoorlie (one is a primary place of residence), one in Queens Park in Perth, and one in Redbank Plains near Ipswich Queensland. Due to a cyclical goldfields downturn, the Kalgoorlie Properties have depreciated in price, although we have good equity in both properties. The Queensland property is valued $100,000 below what we borrowed. This property was purchased in 2007, when a group of what I call scammers promoted their overpriced QLD properties in Kalgoorlie. We are now in our early sixties and would like to live in a house that we own, but I haven’t been able to work since 2009. What do you think?

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