Welcome to the Radio Wealth Real Estate Crowdfunding special broadcast. Since launching the Brickraise platform and our first investment offer in Melbourne, we have been flooded with questions. So the team though that we should share these so that everyone learns more about the next generation of real estate investing.


Some of the questions we are covering include:-

1. Are there selected States of Australia that you or will not accept (for investment)?
2. Does the property need to be valued prior to the raising?
3. Are the investors subject to additional costs?
4. Are the investors entitled to receiving any profits/reward from the subdivision or development?
5. In regards to any development, do you only accept land divisions, or apartments, or townhomes.
6. Before the crowd funding target is reached and the deal is locked in is there interest to the investor on the initial deposit?

Radio Wealth is your show and we love to answer the questions that you want to ask. They can be about anything to do with real estate investing, life, inspiration – you tell us. Please send in your questions to me at

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