Radio Wealth Episode 11 – Real Estate Crowdfunding & Brickraise Special

Welcome to the Radio Wealth Real Estate Crowdfunding special broadcast. We have a truly evolutionary show for you this week, with some insightful questions, that cover many of the issue that investors want to know more about regarding real estate crowdfunding. Some of the questions we are covering include:-

radio wealth 11
  1. What licensing do you have in place to secure investors?
  2. Is the ROE made known to a potential investor before deciding whether to invest in a project? ie a certain amount of interest plus profit share?
  3. What protection / checks and balances does brick raise have in place when developers place opportunities forward for group fund raising?
  4. I am aware there are some other sites that require you to earn over 250k a year in income to be eligible to invest. Are you the same or can any average Joe invest?
  5. How are the returns calculated? If a project goes over budget will this affect the returns?
  6. Once I invest in Brickraise where does my money sit? Is it safe?
  7. What kind of Development will brickraise focus on?

Next week we have another special Radio Wealth show – we are going to talk about real estate development, so if you have ever thought about doing it yourself or want to learn about what is involved in a development, this would a great show to catch. Please send in your questions to me at

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