Is Today Your Day?

One day it will be your day. Is your day today?


One day is pretty much like every other day for most people. But not you. You know that today is the first day of the rest of your amazing life. You know that every day is precious, more so because you never really know how many more today’s you will get to experience.

Any given day can be the day you change your life. What happens tomorrow will depend on what you decide today. And if you do nothing today, your tomorrow will be like any one of those every other days.

Is today the day you say – I’ve had enough of feeling overweight and unfit, and start that exercise program you have been putting off?

Is today the day you finally get the courage to leave that crappy job you hate and go out and find work that you love to do?

Is today the day you put aside your important must-do work, to cuddle with your child on your lap?

Is today the day you take a moment for yourself, a walk in the park, meditate, read a book – maybe even write a book?

Is today the day you finally begin investing for your future, so that you can have a better life?  There has never been a better day than today. There has never been a better time than now.

Is today the day you design your life?

One day – is today. Make it yours.

A last thought for you –

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