Do You Listen & See, But Not Really Feel?

I don’t watch the news very often or read too many newspapers these days. It’s just too much “white noise” – most of it negative, stuff I would rather not put in to my brain.


But it’s very hard to ignore what has just happened in Nepal. The earthquake was the worst in over 80 years, and so far it looks like 3,500 people (probably a lot more) are dead, with hundreds of thousands without their homes or shelter.

You see it on the TV and hear it on the radio, but do you really feel it?

I don’t know any of the dead or injured either. But it’s very hard to remain unfeeling at such a tragedy. Especially when I am so blessed with all that I have in my life. I have food, a roof over my head, clean water – a hot shower. The love of my wife and family. Very good physical health for my age. I am able to breathe, see, speak and hear. I can read. I have nice clothes. I drive a beautiful sports car and live in a really nice part of the most liveable city in the world, in what some may argue is the best country on the planet. Thankfully, I am able to afford most of the nice things that I want. And I can travel.

So many of us forget to be grateful for what we have. And we take things for granted – it is one of the torments of living in such a fast-paced society. We overlook everyday blessings. The little things. And we forget that life itself is a gift.

A gift that can end at any moment. As it has for thousands in Nepal.

I believe that the survivors right now are counting their blessings and feeling incredibly grateful for just being alive when so many others are not.

What are you grateful for today? Right now? Pick three things. Say them out loud. With feeling.

And spare a thought for those people in Nepal without shelter. Even better, can you spare a few dollars? If so, please support the beautiful, peaceful Nepalese people by donating via Habitat for Humanity – Habitat will support them with emergency food, water and shelter, as they have been doing globally for over 60 years.

And when you do choose to donate, be grateful that you can.

Habitat For Humanity is the charity of choice for me. I believe in their ideals and in the way they implement their charity – a hand up, not a hand out.

In fact, I will be donating a dollar for every copy sold of my new book Crowdfunding Real Estate – The Next Generation In Property Investing to Habitat. And my wife & I will make our own private donation to the Habitat Nepal appeal. She has very fond memories of her trek to Everest base camp and she really understands what is happening there and how amazing the people are.

You will be able to get your own copy of my new book when it releases on May 12th – and I do have a limited time, special price offer for you as a member of our investor community. Stay tuned for more details next week.

Be grateful, every day.


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