Radio Wealth Episode 14 – Financing Special – 2% Home loan?

Welcome to the Radio Wealth Real Estate Financing Special broadcast.


If you have ever wanted to know what it takes to pay off your own home and then your investment property loans fast, then this show is an absolute must for you.

We have a special guest joining me in the studio, my friend Scott Parry, who is a finance and wealth creation specialist. Scott told me a few weeks ago about a new financing facility called Rate Reducer. I think that it is the most powerful system for paying off a home loan that I have ever seen for investors who have their own home and at least one investment property.

The Rate Reducer loan facility may be able to help you get a home loan that has an interest rate as low as 2%. Yes, that’s two percent.

So this twenty minute episode could be just the thing for you if you are looking to accelerate your wealth creation plan.

We are looking to create more special Radio Wealth shows with special guests – if you know someone we should be talking to, who has something valuable to share, do please let us know.

Or if you have your own questions, do send them in. Remember you can ask anything you like – this is your show. The questions can be about anything to do with life, freedom, property investing, finance, planning, goal-setting, inspiration – whatever you want to know that will help you along on your journey.

Feel free to email with any questions you want answered on the show.



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Is Negative Gearing Tax Dodging?

In the course of doing what I do, I review vast amounts of economic and investment information from all over the media – social, print & digital – in fact I invest several hours a day on this. I want to be the best investor I can be and sorting through the piles of opinion, fact and material is critical to having an understanding of what is happening in our financial world.


Late last week, I read an interesting article from one of Australia’s most respected economists, Mr Saul Eslake. In it, he says “Negative gearing can’t be equated with standard business tax practice, and is not allowed in many countries.” Mr Eslake notes that in a speech published in 2005, our current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, described “negative gearing as a form of ‘tax avoidance’, one of the few open to PAYE and other ‘unincorporated’ taxpayers.”

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Radio Wealth Episode 12 – Developer Special

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Radio Wealth Podcast Episode 10

Todays episode is bought to you by Brickraise – real estate investing for all. It’s a brand new and exciting way of property investing. You can start with just a small amount of your savings or super and you wont ever have to borrow large to be a property investor. Brickraise is now open to investors and for those looking to raise capital. Go to and get started today.


We have a truly compelling show for you this week, with some intriguing questions, that cover far-reaching investing issues. Some of the questions we are covering include:-

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We hope you have been enjoying Radio Wealth Podcast.


Here are the questions we cover.

1.    7 years ago we bought in Wembley Downs on development block (1200m2) For this exercise we borrowed almost $600,000.00, what was not a consideration for us at the time as we were having reasonable cash flow. Shortly after we experienced health issues that lasted for a year, increasing our cost of living and reducing income. This ended up sadly with loss of one of two family member and reducing income to $0. Currently I am under financial pressure, as I can’t borrow money for development……I am emotionally fragmented, and my mind I feel doesn’t function objectively. What would be your best advice?

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