Believe It And You Will See It

One of the most powerful of human conditions is aspiration. That is, the idea that we can want and can have more in our lives than we do today. I can’t think of anyone I know who does not want something more in their lives, be it health, well-being, fitness, wealth, happiness, time or perhaps something else. There are those of us who know that there is more and a select few of those who know that we can have what we want.

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So how do we get what we want?

Some use a shortcut and take what they want (criminals, megalomaniacs etc.) however few of these people get to keep what they want in the long term. Those who want to keep what they create in their lives take a different path – identifying what they want, making a plan, and work their way towards it.

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Who Wants To Be a Billionaire?

The Annual Australian Rich 200 List appeared last week, complete with a new wealthiest individual, Anthony Pratt, head of cardboard conglomerate VISY with wealth estimate at just over $12.6BN.


Last year’s leader, property tycoon Harry Triguboff, added a billion or so to his wealth, which is now estimated at $11.45BN. Mr Triguboff is one of 58 list members who have made their money in property, easily eclipsing the next largest group which was investment – having just 21 people making their fortunes that way.

In all, there are now 60 billionaires in Australia, up from 53 recorded last year. With the combined wealth of the top 200 wealthiest in Australia equalling $233BN, that means that the average wealth of list members is just over a billion dollars each. Given that there about 18 million adults in Australia, there is only one billionaire for every 312,500 adults. A very select group of people.

I’ve been following this list since it was first bought out in 1983 as I am fascinated with successful wealthy people. I figure that what has been achieved by one can be so achieved by another. I’ve watched them come and go from the list when their wealth dropped and even re-enter later in life as they found another way to create wealth.

There are as many lessons in their failures and how they handled them as there are in their successes.

So what wants to be a Billionaire?

That sentence reminds me of the song made famous by Frank Sinatra who asks “who wants to be a millionaire? I don’t.” Frank asks a number of questions like “who wants to wallow in champagne? Who wants a supersonic plane? Who wants a fancy foreign car? Who wants to tire of caviar?” To which the answer to all is “I don’t.” You can read the lyrics here.

I don’t know about you however I think that there are quite a few of the things on that song list that I would like and a few I wouldn’t.

There is no doubt in my mind that a life in Western society with money can be a lot more fun than without money. Just ask the millionaires and billionaires. Then ask the people living, by choice or otherwise on the streets. Though I am wise enough now to know that money alone will not happiness bring.

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What Does The Budget Mean For Investors Like You?

The last few months in the lead up to the Federal Budget announces last week was a nervous time for many in the property industry. There were repeated calls for big changes to investor taxation benefits, all in the name of housing affordability. The Budget was supposed to have been termed a “housing budget”, but as it turned out there weren’t that many major housing announcements.


It was one of the strangest budgets I have ever seen from a Liberal government. In fact it looked like a textbook Labor budget – spend up big, add a few taxes and whack big business.

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Here’s Your Invitation To Join Me

You no doubt know that buying an investment property is becoming harder due to rising prices and increasingly tougher financing. Investors are looking at alternate ways to generate strong returns with the least possible risk in property investing. If you have been looking at ways to expand or accelerate your property investing, then here is an opportunity to invest alongside an experienced developer, earning a fabulous 14% p.a. return in a fast growing suburb of Melbourne. The Hillsfar Property Group is holding an informal 25 minute webinar next Thursday 11th of May at 8pm Melbourne & Sydney time (6 pm Perth). You are invited to join us and find out more about this exciting and limited investment opportunity.

You can register here –

Hillsfar Property Group.

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The Secret to Wealth Is Gratitude

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Robbins at one of his events some years ago. An incredible individual who for decades has offered Presidents, CEO’s, the world’s best sports people and of course people like you and me – inspiration and thought process to enable us to design and create the best life we can have.


Of all of his lessons that I have absorbed over the years, the one that stands out for me the most is this. He told me when I asked that:-

“the secret to wealth is gratitude.”

Demands on his time did not allow much of an expansion on the statement right there at the event, however I have thought, read and contemplated much on it over the years.

Among all of the white noise, disturbing news and events going on in the world, this simple maxim could change so much. If everyone could be grateful and happy with what they had, there would be far less crime, violence and wars.

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It’s Easy To Be A Property Millionaire

A lot has changed in the sixteen years since I wrote my first book, titled “It’s Easy To Be a Property Millionaire.” It had 192 pages, covering a lot of what I had learned on my journey in property investing.


It covered subjects like success psychology, goalsetting, strategy, how to research, negotiating, financing and even specific strategies to buy & hold property, renovate it, and even how to buy it with none of your own money.

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Look Out Property Investors – You Are Being Targeted!

There is no such thing as “The Australian Property Market.” Time and again I see tables and charts of price growth of each of our cities, say Sydney at 15%, Melbourne at 10%, Perth at minus 4% etc. and then at the bottom, some bright-spark averages it all out and then uses that number to report that across Australia property market has over the last year gone up by 6.5%.


It’s just so ridiculous – Australia is such a vast country – and its capital city markets as so different, it defies all logic to try to lump it in as one. Yet this is what is being done now.

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What Are We Thinking About Property?

All over Australia, we are talking about property. If the conversation is in Sydney or Melbourne, it’s all about how much prices have gone up and can they keep going, in Brisbane, Hobart or Adelaide, it’s about how much they think it will go up, and in Perth & Darwin it’s about will prices ever go up again?


Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of research in to what is happening in our real estate markets. You know what? It can be pretty much summed up in the first paragraph.

We are a nation in love with property. A huge part of the Great Australian Dream lies inside owning your own home. Yet this dream is becoming something that may never be realized for an increasing percentage of Australians. Statistically over the last 30 years the rate of home ownership has dropped by about 10% – now more than 30% of us must rent or choose to rent. I expect that the home ownership rate to continue to drop.

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Why New Grants Won’t Help Housing Affordability?

In my last blog I wrote about some of the issues facing Australians around the growing issue of housing affordability – if you missed it you might like to have a look – here. The article is one of the longer ones I have written, however the challenge we face in Australia is one of the greatest in the world of property ownership. It will offer you some real thinking around the issue.


The big news this week is the Victorian Government announced that First Home Buyers (FHB’s) would get two massive free kicks to help them get a leg up in to the great Australian Dream. The first kick was that the first home buyer’s grant would be increased from $10,000 to $20,000 for those who chose to live in a regional centre and built a new home. However the winning goal was the revelation that first home buyers would be totally exempt from stamp duty on purchases of new or existing homes up to the value of $600,000.

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What Is The Answer To Australia’s Housing Affordability Issue?

The start of 2017 has been amazing, with so much good news happening. Yet, we have questions coming up again about the challenge that Australians are having in owning a home.

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I personally believe that home ownership is the foundation to wealth for most people. People who own their homes statistically have more wealth at retirement age than those who don’t. Governments know this and if the citizens have a certain level of wealth they are less likely to need government support for the remainder of their lives – this is one of the reasons why incentives have been offered to people to invest in property. Another reason is that investors can provide housing for the rental market, meaning the government does not need to spend so much on public housing. Yet these incentives, including negative gearing, are once again under attack.

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