Is The Sydney Real Estate Boom Doomed?

The run up in prices in the Sydney property market over the last three years has been spectacular.

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This is at the end of a decade of what was very little actual growth in Sydney, while other markets around Australia performed very strongly, particularly Perth, on the back of the mining boom.

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Are You Looking For Real Estate Development Funding?

Real Estate Crowdfunding – the next generation of property investing – is the newest cutting edge way to bring developers and investors together to create, fund and complete projects, which might not otherwise have been possible due to tight lending practices by the big banks. Real Estate Crowdfunding is a global phenomenon, with billions of dollars being raised all over the world.


Brickraise is a real estate crowdfunding platform operating in Australia. To find out more about the magic of real estate crowdfunding, please have a look at the website –

Brickraise has overcome the Australian government regulatory hurdles and is ready to launch here in Australia, allowing everyday investors to get involved from as little as $2,500, and developers to raise funds for projects.

What we need is the most awesome residential development projects to showcase to our investors. We would like to keep the first project to a reasonably small size, so ideally you will be looking to raise up to $1M initially for the purchase of a site and you are looking to do that in the next 60-90 days. Construction funding can be a second stage raise.

If this is you and you want to be a part of this new funding revolution – please send us an email with a few details at and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Taxes and More Bloody Taxes – Are They Are Killing Genuine Investment?

I consider taxes a necessary evil. Without us citizens paying a chunk of our hard earned to Federal, State and Local governments, we don’t have roads, schools, hospitals, power – all the sorts of things that we have come to expect from living in a developed first world nation.


Over the years though, I formed a view that much of our tax money was wasted by Government and I decided that I could more likely use that tax money to provide for myself and my family. So I vowed only to pay the exact amount of tax I legally needed to – no more and no less. I began to invest for my future and made use of the laws that supported tax deductions for losses incurred for owning investments that would someday provide an income.

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A Sacred Dream – Owning a Home – But is It Affordable?

Every day I read more about the Great Australian Dream – Home Ownership, is becoming more a nightmare than reality.


It is reported that buying a home is no longer possible – it is completely unaffordable.

That is itself is a very loose statement and if I might say, incredibly sensational. But big bold bad news sells. If all homes were unaffordable no one would be buying them. And if no one was buying there would be no boom nor a bubble. And prices wouldn’t be rising in Sydney & Melbourne – though they are pretty much sideways elsewhere in Australia.

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Sydney Median to hit $1M – Crisis or Opportunity?

The Sydney market has jumped about 15% per years for the last several years. That was after nearly a decade of fairly flat value increases, so this is the reason that many pundits are saying that Sydney is just catching up and is now firmly restored as Australia’s highest price real estate market. And is rapidly catching some of the larger iconic international cities like London, New York & Hong Kong.


Others are saying there is no end in sight to the price increases. Some are saying it’s a boom. And it looks like it to me too. I can tell you with certainly that every boom ends, sometimes softly, sometime with an almighty bang. The jury is out right now on where this one will end.

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Bookstore Overwhelmed



Thank you so much!

The response to my new book has been so incredible that we have melted Amazon’s store – so much so that the book is out of stock.

But please don’t worry. You can still order your copy at the 50% off price until our 24 hour offer closes and Amazon will deliver it as soon as the book is re-stocked.

Some of you have let me know that the shipping is outrageous at $13 – yes I agree. I am seething about it – but the good news is that with the discount I wrangled for you from the publisher, your total cost is still about what it would cost you if you went to a bookstore and bought it yourself. So at least your precious time is saved.

And you get to learn about the hottest thing in real estate.


Only 18 hours left on the discount offer!

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Crowdfunding Real Estate Now Available!

Crowdfunding Real Estate – The Next Generation of Property Investing IS AVAILABLE NOW!


The full retail price in Australian bookstores will be $24-95, but for just 24 hours you can get your copy for just $12-99.

Here’s the link to the book website – – please go to the site and grab your copy of the most edgy property investing information in the world.

The publishers have told me that your special deal can only go for 24 hours, so do please order your copy right away.

I am really proud to have authored a book like this, detailing the next generation of property investing. It could change everything about the way you and I invest now and in the future.


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World’s First Crowdfunding Real Estate Book

It’s been 10 years since I published my fourth book and so much has changed in the world of real estate. Prices have tripled and incomes haven’t kept pace. All around the world, Governments are seeking ways to cut expenditure by carving in to pensions and extending the age at which you can receive your pittance. What you do in terms of your savings and investing now and for the coming few years, will have a huge effect on the quality of your life, especially after you finish work.


It’s time to talk about the next generation of property investing.

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Crowdfunding Real Estate – Why This Will Change Everything

It’s no secret that I have become increasingly concerned over the years about the ability of people to have the quality of life they choose. This is because the price of housing, one of the safest and sure ways for most people to build wealth over the long term, has become so high that it begins to be out of reach for many people.


Share investing is seen as increasingly risky, given the large fluctuations. Governments around the world have begun to cut hard in to welfare and pension spending – this means a comfortable life after you finished work, is not going to be financed by the future taxpayers of our country. And if you were unfortunate enough to have to rely on the pittance (pension) of about $19,000 a year, would that be sufficient to live the life you want?

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