Cancer Kills – Here’s How You Can Help Wipe It Out

There are few things more important to having a high quality of life in our Western society than having money. One of those things that is way more important than having money is having health – good health. Not a lot of point in being the richest person in an early grave.


At 51 years of age, I have one eye firmly focused on my health. I plan to live a long, happy, healthy life. How my body feels has a direct correlation to how happy I am and how much I can enjoy my life.

But even with the best of intentions, the best health regime, diet, exercise and mindset, people still get cancer. And we often don’t think about the statistics – as we go through our busy lives, they are just numbers. The Cancer Council of Australia says that about 128,000 cases of cancer will be diagnosed this year and that number will rise to 150,000 by 2020. The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia says that every three hours a man dies of prostate cancer in Australia. Australia has the highest rate of prostate cancer in the world. These numbers, while staggering, are completely impersonal. I am willing to bet that you or someone you know has been touched by cancer of some type. Have a think about that for a moment. That’s when it can get pretty personal.

I myself have had a melanoma (malignant skin cancer) and several less virulent cancers removed from my body. A very good friend of mine died from lung cancer at the age of 52 – and he never smoked in his life. A great mate of mine Keith Daddow, survived a bout of prostate cancer in his early 40’s. Thankfully he took on the disease and beat it, after quite a journey.

Having survived a potentially fatal disease, Keith, in his unique style, has decided to continue to face down a disease that kills thousands of men in Australia. Last year, he went on a trek to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds for The Prostate Cancer Foundation – it was a life-changing adventure. If you would like to go on such a trip yourself, Keith is leading another trek in November 2016 – you have plenty of time to get fit – contact Keith here –

Keith’s required fundraising target was $4,000 to qualify to go to Kilimanjaro, but Keith being the over-achiever he is, pulled out all stops and hit $27,000. An amazing achievement.

If trekking up the highest mountain in Africa is not within your current realm of possibilities, there are a couple of other ways you can help wipe out prostate cancer – and please don’t think this is just a men’s disease – it affects partners & children too when their men pass away.

If you like wine, you can purchase one, or ideally more, cases of excellent wine from a high quality producer from Pemberton – Piano Gully Wines. They are a small producer, only making about 4,000 cases of very good, very smooth wines every year, with James Halliday rating all of their product at over 90 points – that’s really punching above their weight for a boutique producer. Even better, you get a discount of between $63 and $192 per case using the special order form attached. For each case you buy, $12 will be donated to The Prostate Cancer Foundation by George & Anne Lewkowski, Piano Gully’s fantastic owners.

And better again – for each case you buy, you will go in to a draw to win four more cases, a total of seven winners will get that lucky. I know I’m in!

If this is for you, please complete and send in your wine order form to As I understand it the offer is only valid for a few weeks or until available stocks are sold.

Now if wine is not your thing, but you are someone who values your health and you want to help wipe out cancer, you can still help. Keith is once again putting together his fundraising efforts for his next trip to Kilimanjaro next year – you can support him by donating here -  I already have.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the suddenness of the earthquake tragedy in Nepal – death in an instant. Cancer can often sneak up on you too. But it is rarely fatal in the short term. You often have some time left before you depart this world.

Please don’t take your health for granted. Nor that of your family and children. Be aware of how you live and what you do to and for your body every day. Your long term health will be a result of many of your short term decisions. Think about what you eat, drink, how you sleep and how you can relax after a stressful day. And how you keep your body moving through exercise.

A fabulous quality of life starts with fabulous health.

Your health is your wealth.

Ask yourself this – what would I do today if it was my last day? And then do it.



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