Brickraise Launches First Retail Real Estate Crowdfund Offer

I am really excited to share with you that Brickraise has just launched Australia’s very first retail real estate crowdfunding offer. This is a game changer for anyone who wants to build wealth in real estate.

brickraise mail-out

No longer will you need to save huge deposits and borrow hundreds of thousands just to buy a property. And if you are seeking to raise capital for a project, things just got a bit smoother for you. If you have a profitable project, your path to funding could mean you won’t have to deal with the banks.

Project Details

Minimum Investment – $2,000 AUD

Total To Be Raised – $500,000 AUD

Expected Return – 20% fixed over an expected 18 month investment period. (13.33% annualized)

Location – Mount Waverley, Melbourne, Victoria.

Type – Boutique Townhouses –Two x 5 bed 3 bath homes to be constructed on one lot.

If you have already registered as a Brickraise member and uploaded your identification details, you will be able to make your investment decision and get involved right away. There is a lengthy online Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which you should carefully read and take time to understand. The document is in two parts – Part 2 is actually what you will read first and it relates to the Mt Waverley project. Part 1 is a generic PDS that will be attached to each offer. You will be able to complete & sign the form online and then forward your investment amount to the bank account of the trustee who will hold the funds on your behalf.

If you have registered as a Brickraise member, but not uploaded your ID, now would be a great time so that you can take part in this opportunity. We can’t accept you as an investor without those details, due to AML legislation which requires us to know who our customers are.

Brickraise is providing this offering to you in partnership with our friends over at Estate Baron, who already have commitments for $260,000 registered during this past week – that means Brickraise members only have a further $240,000 to raise before this offer will close. So if you would like to be a part of this premier opportunity – earning a 20% return along the way, please head to the Brickraise website – Register or login, then “view investments” – you will see the details of the Mt Waverley project there waiting for you.

We will have members of the Brickraise team standing by over the weekend via email to help you with any questions or to get you accredited as investors so that you can join in the offering.

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