Believe It And You Will See It

One of the most powerful of human conditions is aspiration. That is, the idea that we can want and can have more in our lives than we do today. I can’t think of anyone I know who does not want something more in their lives, be it health, well-being, fitness, wealth, happiness, time or perhaps something else. There are those of us who know that there is more and a select few of those who know that we can have what we want.

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So how do we get what we want?

Some use a shortcut and take what they want (criminals, megalomaniacs etc.) however few of these people get to keep what they want in the long term. Those who want to keep what they create in their lives take a different path – identifying what they want, making a plan, and work their way towards it.

There are very powerful ways, which can be applied simply, to help this process along and massively improve the chances of your success.

I have always been a fan of the practice of visualization. That is imagining things not yet in my life that I wanted in my life and focusing on them. There are many ways to do this – some will suit you better than others and produce better results. Choose what resonates best with you.

I have learned to do this through a meditative process where I could conjur up the images of my perfect life in my mind’s eye – this is best done in a quiet space where you can focus for 10-15 minutes. Also, writing down these things I wanted to be, do or have – in my own handwriting (as untidy as it is!) and then reading out that “life story” aloud two times per day. Something that has assisted me greatly is a vision map, which is a colour board covered with striking images of all of the things I wish for my life and then positioning the board where I would see it and connect with it every day.

Over the years I have found that life flows far more smoothly and successfully for me when I am actively practising one or more of these techniques regularly. There is real power in them.

However the visualization techniques alone won’t make much of a change in your life. There are two other ingredients which will turbo-charge your results

The first ingredient I can best illustrate by sharing a very powerful example with you. I’m sure you are familiar with actor Jim Carrey and his off the wall comedic genius. I enjoyed him in a few of his films, but I must admit, sometimes I found him over the top. That was until I learned a bit more about him and his own journey to success. Jim recounts a time when he was all but broke, getting by on stand-up comedy gigs while waiting for his big success. He wrote himself a cheque for the sum of ten million dollars, giving it a date five years from when he actually wrote it. He carried the dog-eared cheque with him in his wallet everywhere he went, for years hustling between jobs, and visualizing his success.

And here is the key – he didn’t just visualize. He believed. He believe completely in his “insane ability to manifest what he wanted in his life” (as he describes it). He went about his life as if it had already happened – he had proof in his wallet.

And then it did happen – he was paid ten million dollars for his role on “Dumb & Dumber.”

Jim spends a good part of his time now sharing his stories with others – try googling “jim carrey motivation” – you will be surprised and delighted at what you find.

The second ingredient supported Jim’s belief. And that was his vibration. By that I meant that he connected with the things that made him happy, so he was perpetually in a happy state. And in that state, he was open to what life could bring him.

Imagine his result if, while writing out his cheque, he just continued on through his life without any real certainty that the money was on its way and he lived each day in a continual sad, negative state.

It just would not have worked.

He believed it before he actually saw it – that is the zeroes in his bank account. He did not wait for those zeroes to show up before he could believe it.

Ten million dollars may have been an incredible stretch for him at the time he wrote the cheque, yet he knew that successful actors were often paid that and so much more, so it was something that had been done before by others – therefore it could be believed by him because it was possible.

No matter how strongly you believe or how happy you can be, your want to fly to the moon by flapping your arms hard enough probably isn’t going to come in to being anytime soon. So make what you want in your life believable for you.

So, if you find yourself wanting more from life, you may wish to consider this as a way to achieving what you want.

Identify clearly what you really want in your life – visually in pictures or in your written words and then verbally in your voice.  Spend time on this every day – just a few minutes. Believe that what you want, you already have. Find things that make you happy and do them, every day, to keep your positive vibrations up and strong.

Then be happy.

And enjoy your new life.

It’s all about to get so much better.

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