Australia Day – It’s Your Lucky Country

I count myself extremely lucky to have been born in Australia. Because of that happy event I have a very good chance to achieve great things – far more so than if I had been born in another nation that did not have any of the natural gifts, political stability, infrastructure and facilities that are available to us all here in Australia. We have one of the highest literacy rates in the world. If you want to live longer, Australia ranks right up there for longevity and health. If you want to be wealthy, we have one of the highest incomes per capita globally and planet of opportunity to invest in business or property or other assets to grow wealth.


In my lifetime, I have travelled to over 30 countries. I left Australia in 2009, after selling the Aspire Group, moving to France, Switzerland, UK and later Hong Kong, before returning to Australia 4 years later. Extensive travel and living in Europe and Asia opened my eyes in terms of the quality of life I used to take for granted here in Australia.

I recall on my first ever international trip as a 12 year old visiting Hong Kong. I saw the richest of rich people living at the top of the hill in massive mansions and driving in Rolls Royces. At the bottom of the hill, people were living in cardboard boxes. That had quite an impact on me and I made a decision about which of those lifestyles I would aspire to.

About one third of the population of Australia was born overseas, making this nation one of the most multi-cultural in the world. Each of these people sought this country out as their choice in which to live, prosper and bring up their families. It is no accident that Australia is the destination they chose. They know what we can sometimes overlook.

For all that we like to complain about our political leaders, the price of goods, road rage, our jobs, our boss, the weather, or our sporting teams, Australia is surely the lucky country. And if you live here, it’s your lucky country.

On Australia Day, give some thought to how lucky you are. Throw a snag on the Barbie, pop open your favourite beverage, hug your family members and celebrate with your friends.

You can be, do and have anything you want in Australia – it’s up to you.

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