I have a passion for real estate, beginning after buying my first piece of property at age 19. I have been successfully involved in the real estate investment industry for over thirty years – renovating, buying, selling, renting and developing. My complete focus can now be found at the intersection of personal empowerment and real estate investing. This is where the magic happens.

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I am a huge believer in financial freedom – you see money makes it possible for you to stop having to worry about money. Then you have freedom to live.

I believe that you can choose the life you want and that you can design your life. Remember, freedom is all about your journey, not your destination. My mission is to inspire people to create the life that they want. Property investing is just the vehicle to pay for that lifestyle.

All you need is some knowledge, a big “why”, a plan and some support from like-minded people.

And a little courage.

You will get all that and more with me when you choose to become a part of our community of real estate investors who are designing their lives.

I will share cutting edge information on real estate investing with you and intersperse that with all the support you need to nurture your mind and spirit towards your life goals – yes, you can design your life. You can have the wealth you want, and you will use real estate investing to create it.

I have coached and mentored tens of thousands or people, directly and indirectly over my career. I learned that while practical real estate investing knowledge is important, the critical thing is what you believe and what you think. We will touch on all of this as we grow together.

I rarely get involved in coaching any more – I prefer to walk my walk and lead by example. I have real estate projects worth over $75M in process and that pipeline looks like expanding to over $200M in end value in the next few years. You can find out more about my property development projects with Hillsfar Development Group here.

I am introducing the next generation of real estate investing– and thinking – for you, if you choose to join me and thousands of others on the journey.

Walk with me.